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Friday, November 11, 2011

Next Working Groups Meeting: Friday, Nov. 11th 2011 -

St. Mary’s Church
521 W. 126th St.
(between Amsterdam Ave. & Old Broadway)

6 PM to 8 PM.

Requested Donation for the church ….

Directions: #1 Broadway Local to 125th or
A to 125th/Walk five blocks west to Amsterdam Avenue.

Telephone: 646-812-5188

  Special Reports:
Research report: 477 West 142nd Street
 Columbia University Expansion: a gentrification scheme of ethnic cleansing in West Harlem:

The Payoff: a corrupt West Harlem Local Development Corporation: Where is the Community Benefits Money for the West Harlem community? Is it the latest thief by Black elected officials led by Congressman Charles Rangel?
Columbia University and the Banks: CU President Lee Bollinger, chair of the Board of Directors, the New York Federal Reserve Bank. OCCUPY COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY!
Wall Street swallows Carver Federal Savings, the oldest Black run Bank for a measly 55 million dollars.

November 17th Shutting Down Wall  Street

This is a working meeting for adopted proposals to set up working groups: Housing, Media,  and other working committees folks would like to work on or introduce.

1) For a Housing Working Group General Assembly Discussion
A) Unanimous vote for Occupy Harlem to  adopt as its campaign the preservation of 477 West 142nd Street HDFC as a low income home ownership community asset. To that end the working group agreed to conduct research on the building; meeting with all shareholders; issue public statement on the preservation of  477 West 142nd HDFC  and all HDFC as low income home ownership community asset; hold a press conference;  

 2)  Convene a People’s Public Hearing on Gentrification in Harlem: Evictions, Predatory Landlords, Predatory Harassment, Foreclosures,
3) Adopted policy statement on gentrification and ethnic cleansing including predatory investors and predatory harassing.
4) Sponsor teach-in - including films: (a) Boom, the Sound of Eviction  (b) The Rezoning of 125th Street  (c) The Vanishing City

5) Campaign for preservation of all low-income housing housing stock and the creation of more.

6) Set up Eviction Alert

7) Set up Legal Support 

Media Working Group: immediate priority setting up website Setting up liaison  reps with working committees of OWS i.e. People of Color, Outreach, Direct Action, Arts & Culture, 

General Coordinating Working Group to execute adopted proposal, it is not a permanent working group: 
Nellie, Rivik, Tony, David, Rebecca, Laura, Jeanette, Dr. Bhya, Sabin

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