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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nellie Hester Bailey Replies to Gloria Dulan Wilson

Greetings all,
It's a shame Gloria shows not a modicum of respect for herself, a supposed journalist no less! Therein lies the problem. Die hard supporters of Obama tolerate no critique, analysis or calls to hold Obama accountable for ANYTHING including his lies and betrayals to the people, most of all to his core Black base! The Prez's message is clear, "Give me your votes but not your pain."

 In fact reactionary cultural Black nationalists like Gloria straddle the fence loving Obama while hating whitey. They want us to believe the US plutocracy (white ruling class) amassed a 1 billion dollars campaign chest to elect Obama so he would serve the interest of Black people, the poor and working class. The delusions of these reactionary Black nationalists range from "Obama gave Black folks a wink and a nod message" to  "Michelle will set him straight" defies reality and indicates a profound psychosis within Obama's Black America. 

Gloria is the perfect dupe! Her hysterical rants and raves tolerate no room for dissent, no room for protest, no room for civil discourse, no room for democratic principles in a supposed democracy and presumably she has no regard for nation states that are victims of US resource wars, occupations and "shock and awe" military aggression. Clearly this woman has no understanding of who is behind  the occupation of Haiti! Does she believe Obama's appointment of Clinton favors the interest of Haitians earning two dollars a day?

 Does Gloria believe Obama's HUD turning over ownership of Grant Public Housing to Citigroups (the third largest bank in the US) favors Black renters in Harlem? Is Gloria so out of touch underneath the rock she lives that Obama's HUD awarding millions in federal funds to Harlem charter school  kingpin Geoffrey Canada to build the Promise Academy charter school on the grounds of St. Nicholas Public Housing Project  is not distressing news? Does she not understand the escalating pace of this administration's privatization of public housing and public education? Gloria apparently has no knowledge of hedge fund millionaire Stanley Druckenmiller's position as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Harlem Children's Zone or that Goldman Sachs on the same board. Harlem now the silicon valley of charter schools is part and parcel of a nationwide movement financed by Wall Street bankers, the same Wall Street that got a whopping 16 trillion dollars bailout courtesy of the Obama administration.

 Instead this so called journalist would have us focus our attention on the powerless Black managerial class of Harlem now stripped of any pretense of influence with the humiliating demotion of Rangel, a faith servant of the white ruling class who forgot his place! Gloria and other dupes of her ilk haven't an inkling of Wall Street's dominance and control over Harlem. Wall Street that now owns Carver Federal Savings Bank, no longer the oldest Black Bank, no longer Black owned having met its fate after being placed in federal receivership. And you who how much Wall Street coughed up, a lousy five million dollars bailout!

For years white media pundits, racists and do good liberals excoriated Black people for their "unfounded"  paranoia: "the government is out to get us",  "they want to put us in concentration camps",  "they are building concentration camps" etc.  But not a peep from these folks after Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

According to the ACLU, " the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA),authorizeS the president to send the military literally anywhere in the world to imprison civilians without charge or trial, based on suspicion alone. The power is so sweeping that the president would be able to direct the military to use its powers within the United States itself, and even lock up American citizens without charge or trial.No corner of the world, not even your own home, would be off-limits to the military. And there is no exception for American citizens. Section 1031 — one of the indefinite detention provisions — of the Senate-approved version of the NDAA has no limitations whatsoever based on geography, duration or citizenship. And the entire Senate bill was drafted in secret, with no hearing, and with committee votes behind closed doors."

And of course the bitter irony for blind Obama supporters is that any sitting President including right wing Republican can now authorize NDAA!! We should all applaud the white man Chris Hedges for suing Obama and Leon Panetta. But leave it to Gloria and company to mound a "racist" attack against Hedges!

In fact, upon reflection, Gloria has effectively destroyed any credentials she held as a journalist. But she is our sister, and we have to struggle through this Obama madness with love and humanity for one another and the world! I know that history will absolve those who took courageous stands of dissent and protest in the path of many who went before us including MLK.  King admonished the nation to judge a man not by the color of his skin but the content of his character, THIS DOES NOT EXCLUDE OBAMA!
Many thanks to those who have supported our work throughout the years!

And finally let us all applaud, as rare as it is, supporters of Obama who do not fear debate and dissent from those who want to suppress healthy public discourse. Much is made of the legitimate fears of Black who see the rise of white fascism in the Republican party, a reality that never abated. It was Ronald Reagan who opened his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi where the murder of three civil rights workers took place. But it was President Bill Clinton who put more Black people in prison than Reagan, the key strategy of the Democratic Party to win back defected "dixiecrats".Essentially, the point being, there is no discernable difference between the Democratic and Republican parties, both owned lock and stock and barrel by Wall Street. I don't presume to tell anyone whom to vote for, but I do encourage political education and awareness through all sources including dissent, protest and critical analysis.

Nellie Bailey, Occupy Harlem

On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 11:45 PM, Makemba X <makemba007@hotmail.com> wrote:
It is ashame that Gloria doesn't show the same respect for people who DO NOT SUPPORT OBAMA, because she sends her unsolicited pro-OBAMA sentiment all over the place and has repeatedly sent that nonsense to me, even though I have asked her not to do so.    It seems that part of the scheme to get Obama is reelected is for Obama-ites to shamelessly spam people!

And gee, instead of Gloria telling you that you need for Obama to back you up, why doesn't she look at who Obama tends to hang with when he does come near Harlem.   I remember when he was campaigning he made a point of visiting Bloomberg.   And then the last time that I heard he was in Harlem was at some so called fund raiser, that cost several thousands of dollars.

I am not going to support some war mongoring, anti reparationist, imperialist invader no matter who that person is, and no matter his color.   And I certainly would have been in Harlem tonight with Nellie, protesting Obama's utter betrayal of the American public via the NDAA, but personal issues did not allow it.

Lisa V. Davis

Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 19:08:02 -0400
From: occupyharlemgeneralassembly@gmail.com
To: gloriadulanwilson@gmail.com
CC: theblacklist-request@lists.riseup.nettheblacklist@lists.riseup.net

Subject: [TheBlackList] Re: Will remove you from email list
Gloria, You are a journalist so I sent you the info. Will remove your name from our email list. Dissent and free speech are cornerstones of US "democracy" a principle often times acknowledged by Obama. In addition Obama has repeatedly admonished his supporters to hold him accountable.  Protest is one venue to do that! Peace.  Nellie

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 6:21 PM, Gloria Dulan-Wilson <gloriadulanwilson@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Nettie:
You are hereby blocked from sending me any more emails.  As I have warned you and all others in the past, I will not countenance any anti-Obama mail - period.
You wanna occupy harlem you need to deal with those individuals within Harlem that have sold Harlem out - long before Obama even considered running for president.
You have your sites set in the wrong direction on the wrong target, and while you're doing that, Harlem is being stolen from right under our very noses, and going to hell in a handbasket.
You need Obama to back you up; so stop trying to tear him down.  Deal with those characters who are right there within arms reach that you appear to be afraid to confront.  President Obama is a "safe" target and a scapegoat for those who are not willing to really take a stand for the gentrification and ethnic cleansing that is happening in your community.
Ask yourself who owns Harlem.  and if cannot see your name on a condo, co-op, brownstone, or house - ask yourself why?
Ask yourself what is happening to the BLACK businesses in Harlem? 
Get Real -
Get to the heart of the issue
Get off Obama's back and back him up, before all Harlem is back on someone's plantation somewhere, because were too focused on divide and conquer b.s. issues to deal with who's really back of all this crap.
Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson


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